Test tube baby

mobile world

If the mobile world was one big party, Nokia would be fashionably late....

While Apple and others have been in the touchscreen business for a while, making mistakes and rectifying them as they go along, Nokia has seemingly sat back and done nothing. Until now that is.

Launched to a fanfare of excitement at the Koko nightclub in Camden last week, the mobile giant unveiled what was code named the Tube, rebranding it as the 5800 XpressMusic.

Getting Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas to help sell their accompanying concept of musical freedom and tempting assembled journalists with the promise of live music from Ida Maria and Keane later on, the company had our undivided attention.

Sure, the device does look pretty cool. It does some pretty cool things too. Video and flash support to name just two that a certain fruity competitor has omitted. And, as well as being touch sensitive, it comes bundled with a stylus and...wait for it.. plectrum. No, we're not really sure about the latter either. Perhaps it's just our age?!

We don't want to be too judgemental about the device, however, until we can give it a thorough road test. So, we'll reserve full judgement until we can get our hands on a review device. The calls have been made and emails sent, we're just waiting a special delivery now.