Denon delivers special edition home entertainment system

Upgrades one of its acclaimed 'Smart' AV systems - then reduces price

mobile world

Usually when you see a Special Edition of something, it's pretty much guaranteed to cost you more than the Bog Standard Edition. But not today. For at £700, the new Special Edition of Denon's Smart 102 home entertainment system actually costs around £100 less than its original incarnation.

Making this all the more surprising is the fact that this Smart 102 special edition - due to launch this month - really does appear to do more and should probably perform better than the original.

For instance, it comes with desktop speaker stands for its two slender left and right speakers, a move which Denon says should considerably improve the system's sound quality with DVD films and CDs alike.

Also now thrown in is Denon's latest iPod dock, the ASD-11R - something you had to cough up extra cash for previously.

If this is the way special editions are starting to go now, what's next? We might soon get a special edition version of Alien Vs Predator Requiem that's not truly, truly awful.