Enterprise Guide 3.0 options and settings (Part I)

I am going to add a few posts to go over (EG) 3.0 options and settings and show to customize the Enterprise Guide environment. As they say, 15 minutes could save you 15% on car… No, scratch that, 15 minutes can make you 15% more productive.

First, you need to open the Options window (go to the menu and select Tools>Options). The default settings you will see generally make sense but please feel free to make changes to create a more efficient environment. You can always go back by clicking on the Reset All button at the bottom of the Options window.

EG options

Now, I am a big fan of the Process Flow window (I think it was a breakthrough when EG developers added this window in Version 3.0) and I think it is a good idea to have SAS programs and logs created by EG tasks displayed in the Process Flow window. Why is it useful? You can easily check the log files for warning messages, review the SAS code, etc.

However, by default, EG displays SAS programs and log files only in the Project Tree view but not in the Process Flow view. To change this, click the top two boxes in the Process flow panel and save the modified settings. You will be glad you did (another commercial?).

Alex Dmitrienko