Binders in Enterprise Guide 3.0

EG 3.0 lets users create binders, that is, virtual folders that can be mapped to real folders on the user’s computer or a remote SAS server (to view existing binders, go to View > Binder list). I find this feature very useful and I think it will be instructive to compare EG’s binders to a similar useful feature in SAS 9.1 — Favorite folders. In SAS 9.1, the user can find favorite folders in the Explorer window and easily create/delete them (to create a favorite folder, right-click anywhere in the Explorer window and select New Favorite Folder). A favorite folder is mapped to a single folder on the user’s computer or a network.

EG 3.0 takes this concept one step further and makes it more useful; however, there are some constraints that will be discussed later. First of all, a binder in EG 3.0 can be linked to a computer/network folder, so users can have useful shortcuts to their frequently used folders. In addition, an EG binder can be mapped to a remote SAS server, for example, a server located on the other side of the country or the world. All you have to know is the server’s Internet address (URL) (and, of course, user ID and password to be able to access files on that server). This feature will certainly facilitate collaboration of scattered groups of EG users.

The caveat here is that it takes an EG administrator to set up/manage binders in EG 3.0. It appears that individual users can delete but cannot create binders. There are certainly advantages to this solution, for example, an administrator can easily create a binder and then grant binder access to groups of users. Also, this may not be a real limitation because anyone installing EG 3.0 on their computer can “promote” themselves to an administrator level and then manage their EG binders from the administrator console. These users can find out more about managing binders in EG 3.0 in SAS Enterprise Guide Administrator 3.0: User’s Guide.

Is this something that should be addressed in future releases of EG?

Alex Dmitrienko